Today’s fashion designers are catalysts of creativity, forming new trends, responding to consumer demands, industry developments and new technology, from initial design right through to the finished garment. Nurturing original style, this full time course trains highly skilled designers for the engaging fashion industry. Participants learn how to create collections from an accurate analysis of the market, the trends, materials and fabrics, as well as translating ideas and inspiration derived from any form, concept, or art, or simply from their own experiences, successfully combining a personal vision with industry needs, or brand design strategies. The course moves through key aspects of illustration and graphic design techniques including the study of form, colour, pattern drafting and draping, and an accurate analysis of clothing manufacturing through deconstruction. With a solid base in the fashion system participants are introduced to many aspects of the industry, not only in the principles of fashion business, brand identity, positioning and marketing, but also interpreting art and craft in fashion, production, retail, consumer habits, and trends. Research approaches to creative and original product development are key throughout. Participants are encouraged to experiment with new approaches in the industry that are evolving today, including renewable and sustainable resources, innovative materials and new technologies, building an individual style and nurturing creative and professional abilities.

By the final year participants work as independent practitioners, and with the constant support of a faculty team of industry experts, are encouraged to participate in international fashion talent competitions during the course. A final graduation event or a fashion show introduces collections or portfolios to a selected audience of leading fashion experts, journalists, bloggers, designers and headhunters – a unique experience opening up industry networking and career opportunities.

While the institutes extending this course have kept growing in numbers,

It becomes really very important to get into the best ones to make a name in the industry.

  • National Institute(s) of Fashion Technology
  • PEARL Academy
  • Symbiosis Institute of Design
  • Amity School of Fashion Technology
  • Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology

The admissions to colleges for fashion design are done on the merit scored by the participant in their respective entrance examinations.

The entrance examination comprises of three major sections for : 

  1. Creative Ability Test (CAT)
  2. General Ability Test (GAT)

On clearing the first round of examination, the participant is entitled to appear for the second round of examination which tests the candidate on two aspects :

  1. Situation Test
  2. Group Discussion/Personal Interview

Chintan Dave Centre is a leader in fashion education with the ability to integrate knowledge, traditional arts, contemporary thought, academic freedom, innovations in design & technology and creative thinking to continuously upgrade its curriculum to address the merits of the entrance examinations for fashion and technology.

The centre gives inhouse coaching and practical workshops creating a pathway to effective learning.

Total learning has always been a key thought to the centre with a friendly environment training students for excellence and reach their highest potential through the designed schedules.

CDC is committed to academic excellence in fashion examinations. The vision of the institute embraces challenges and provides the impetus in setting highest academic standards.

Chintan Dave Centre continues to strive to be nothing but the best for both rounds of a student’s examination.

Dhvani Thakkar
NIFT, Gandhinagar
Training under Chintan Dave has really changed my entire perspective and shaped my career. Design was a whole new world to me and Chintan helped me with every possible thing that goes ito preparation. He’s superb mentor and an extremely intutive teacher. Joining Chintan was one of the best decisions I’ve made : )
Khevana Shukla
NIFT Gandhinagar
Learning from the best, when it comes to learning how to make better sketches , Chintan Dave is that person – he is skullful, humble, passionate, teaches from experienceand always excited to show you the way. What he teaches will help you definitely improve your sketching not just during the class, but beyond !
Janki Brahmbhatt
NIFT, Jaipur
Hello, myself Janki Brahmbhatt , one of the students at Chintan Dave Centre and now studying at NIFT Jaipur ! I would like to start my experience through some words , ‘ A teacher is never a giver of truth , h e is a guide , a pointer to the truth that each student must find for himself “. So, sharing my journey at CDC is not something , it is everything. The place and the degree I am pursuing today is because of the foundations I learnt at CDC. Besides the curriculum , the best thing I learnt from you is from your talks. Your talks really encourage deep to the soul to do something grand and inspire. When a person wants to climb a mountain, the most crucial thing is the first step. And I am glad I learnt under your guidance. Wish you the best sir. Thank you for making us what we are today.