Art, is such a beautiful thing. And so is life for the one who makes art. I strongly believe that everyone should make art in any of its form. It is only through our arts that we truly live “

– Chintan Dave

Chintan Dave Centre provides mentoring for Art to people who are willing to develop an artsy edge to their life and profile, be it developing as a hobby or exploring the depths of art.

Designed with the emerging artist in mind, our coaching sessions offer a unique and rare opportunity that will help give you the tools to turn your artistic passion into a sustainably viable business.

Open to all, the course is boundless of professions , degrees or any other background and is truly focused on art and its vivid forms of expressions.

  • Graphite Sketching
  • Charcoal painting
  • Basic / Advanced AcrylicPainting
  • Basic / Advanced Oil Painting
  • Basic / Advanced Watercolor
  • Fashion Illustrations
  • Sculpting
  • Basic / Advanced Photography

The courses are available in

Short Term (3 months) / Mid Term (6 months) and Long Term (12 months ) duration formats.

For detailed description about the courses and their contents, kindly contact the centre.